A Guide to Ice Skating in Bend, Oregon

Ice Skating in Bend Oregon

Bend is one of the best winter sport destinations in the country. And although skiing is the first sport to come to mind for many Bend offers a great selection of ice skating options as well.

Whether you’re new to ice skating and watch to enjoy an evening with the family or you’re looking to join a competitive hockey league then Bend has you covered. With both open skate rinks at some of the area’s resorts and community rinks in the middle of town, there are plenty of options to choose from.

In the middle of winter, once the ice has had the time to fully freeze, there are some great skating ponds to discover as well. Just bring a shovel to clear some space!

Ice Skating Rinks in Bend

The Pavilion

Open November – April the Pavilion in Bend is conveniently located just across the Deschutes river from the Old Mill district. The covered outdoor space plays host to ice hockey leagues, curling, ice skating lessons, and open skate time.

The Pavilion is run by the Bend Parks and Rec district and offers probably the best ice skating rink in Bend.

For first time or occasional ice skaters, The Pavilion offers skate rentals for a small fee.

Seventh Mountain Resort

Seventh Mountain Resort off of Century Drive on the way up to Mt Bachelor offers ice skating at central Oregon’s oldest ice rink.

The ice rink at Seventh Mountain Resort is an outdoor rink so it offers an unforgettable experience on those bluebird days, starry nights, or snowy afternoons.

Skate times are offered in set sessions and the fees include a skate rental. There is a $5 discount if you bring your own skates though!

The Village at Sunriver

If you’re travels have you staying in Sunriver then the ice rink at the Village in Sunriver is a great place near Bend for ice skating.

The outdoor rink offers a family friendly environment that include skate rentals.

Ice skating followed by a trip to the Sunriver lodge to check out the holiday light displays make for a afternoon trip from Bend

Redmond Ice Rink

The ice skating rink in downtown Redmond typically offers a slightly shorter skating season than the other rinks in the area. If you living in Redmond or are visiting Eagle Crest Resort then this ice rink is a great option.

Ice Skating Ponds around Bend

*when skating on ponds or sloughs use extreme caution and do not proceed if you don’t feel comfortable*

There are numerous ice skating ponds near Bend that are popular with the locals. Sloughs off of the Deschutes River south of town make for great skating opportunities after a week or two of cold temperatures.

Reynold Pond near Alfalfa and Mayfield Pond near Bend are usually reliable options. The areas east of town tend to be colder and receive less snow which makes for more favorable skating conditions.

Where to Rent or Buy Ice Skates in Bend

All of the rinks listed above rent out ice skates for their skate sessions.

Ice skates are also available to purchase at Dick’s Sporting Goods which is on the north end of town off of Highway 97.


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Derek is a PNW native and is lucky to call Bend home. When he's not writing for Wander Bend he can be outside hiking at Smith Rock, cross country skiing at Meissner, or drinking a latte at any of Bend's great coffee shops.

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  1. Hey Derek,

    Do you have an resources to check on the conditions of the frozen outdoor ponds for skating?

    Also do you have any ice skate rental recommendations?


    • Hi Jonathan,
      Your best bet is probably going to be asking around on some of the local Facebook groups once we finally get some colder weather. Also, I don’t know of anywhere that rents ice skates that isn’t an ice rink. I have seen skates at some of the used gear shops like Gear Fix so that may be your best bet absent paying full price for a new pair.

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